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Even Cancer Can’t Steal Christmas

Ringing my bell funny

I love Christmas. I hate cancer. Cancer can steal a lot but cancer can’t steal Christmas. Many of you know that in 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and that in 2012 that cancer re-appeared in my liver. I had surgery to remove the cancer (June) and underwent 6 months of chemotherapy treatment (August […]

When Christmas Hurts


It’s Christmas, and for some of you all is not “merry and bright.” While the holidays are fun and festive they tend to agitate raw emotions and spotlight anguish and pain. Someone just got diagnosed with cancer, and someone else just heard that the treatment is no longer working. Someone got a phone call in the wee […]

Prayer: Does it really make that much difference?

Hello Lifeway Women’s Leadership Forum friends! Here are the notes I promised you Saturday. Just CLICK HERE and you will have my own teaching notes. If you have any questions about them…let me know!! The books I recommend for you are:

Sunday, Just a Minute, Last Night, and Again, Again, Again!


My granddaughter Misty has a way with words. In her 3 years and 8 months of life, she’s grasped the meaning of time. Anything that she’s excited about and eager to experience in the near future, is going to happen on “Sunday.” If it’s just something kind of ordinary that doesn’t thrill her too much, […]

Anchoring Your Hope in 31 Days


My definition of hope is this: anticipation that the best scenario in any situation is possible. In contrast to faith which is: knowing that what God promises He will do! For those of us who trust God and invite Him to be Lord of our lives, we walk by faith and not by sight. Faith […]